Rachael Ray Veganized

R vs. N

Ok I love Rachael Ray. She is so creative, regular, funny and kind. I have been following her recipes for years. After going vegan I wasn’t able to cook much of her food. It occurred to me at the beginning of September 2013 to try vegan-izing her recipes for a month. It was such a great and delicious adventure. It  made me reach out side of my box and use different foods in combinations only she could come up with. I continued the  challenge for a full year. She actually showed my food on her show!!! Here are a few photo’s. The food is so delicious and the experience was so much fun! I continue to veganize her recipes and others. I’m currently vegan-izing one of Rachael’s meals per week along with others.I am also vegan-izing a recipe a month in the new magazine Life On The Trail. Please follow on this website or on my face-book page. I welcome your feedback and suggestions! #XO