Whole Foods Dinner / Cooking Class plus the 21 Day Vegan Weekday Cleanse

Join me for a delicious plant based dinner at Whole Food Market in Charlottesville VA. I will demonstrate how to create a 3 course meal that will heal your body and make your skin glow. The dinner will be a luck for my 3 week cleanse. Weekdays only please!!! This plan will allow you to enjoy delicious plant based meals 7 days a week with a little wiggle room on the weekends for some summer treats!!! You will:

Increase Your Energy

Lose Weight

Elevate Your Moods
Think more clearly
Get your glow on!

You won’t believe how good you can feel and how satisfied you will be with a more nutrient dense diet full of antioxidants and phytonutrients.

Sign up today on the right side of the page under $45 cooking class!!! Can’t wait to meet you! XOXO

Hugs and Love,